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Hold your ceremony ritual at Pine Manor. Sunrise and Midnight / full moon garden ceremonies are available. Call 8-8pm CST


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Muslim Weddings 

Rev Pam has teamed up with Iman Mohammed from the Des Plaines islamic Community Center to provide Muslim wedding ceremonies that are legal on the other side of the pond. Rev Pam hosts and takes care of all the coordination for the ceremony and wedding. The Islamic Community Center of Des Plaines was established in 1989  and has been a long standing pillar of our local community.  It is a blessing of Allah that we can serve all the Muslims in this way. pagan-weddings, muslim-wedding-location, small-weddings-chicago, chicago-pagan-weddings, high-priestess, pagan-to-perform-wedding, covens-in-chicago, pagan-rituals, pagan-path


Chicago Wedding Packages

Officiant / High Priestess at your location - Rev Pam travels a 5 state area to perform legal and spiritual ceremonies.

Novelty Weddings

Solve a mystery at your reception. Have The King give you away and sing your first dance song! Great winter wedding idea! Call to RSVP

847-873-7463 or email MarryMe@ChicaagoPagnWeddings.com


Your License

847- 873- 7463 

Personalized ceremony.  The Rev. crafts every ceremony based on your individual needs and desires. She is an expert at blending family and cultural traditions into one amazing ceremony experience. Quarter-callscan be dedicated to your deity, pagan tradition or Native American Lakota traditions

Custom Made

         Cords & Candles

Rev Pam will transform any location into a magical setting. Every couple and their guests receive discounts from Pine Manor wedding partners to save thousands on your special day. 

Custom Made Handfasting Cords & Poured Unity Candles by Rev Pam. Made in ritual meditation spicifcally for the couple. Tantric Sex & Spell Candles.

You must have a Cook County Illinois marriage license to be legal at Pine Manor.  Pine Manor is a legal same sex marriage location. Bring the proper ID and your partner and you will leave with your license.  A map of the six courthouses in Cook county is HERE The rule is you can't get married the same day as you buy your licence and its good for 60 days. I have an hotel partner with a discount room  if you'd like to spend the night. HERE

IL Wedding Officiant provides a serene and romantic setting for couples in love. Our wedding venue offers a unique, home atmosphere feeling that is perfect for guests of 30 or less. We are a courthouse wedding alternative for couples who want a quick wedding, but all of the beauty and magick of a planned ceremony. We provide everything you need from the flowers and photography, to catering and the beautiful marriage certificate afterwards. We have packages designed to fit everyone’s needs and budget and we also provide wedding officiant services at the venue of your choice. Take advantage of the honeymoon suite to start your marriage off right.

Experience the magickal wedding you’ve always dreamed of with beautiful services from IL Wedding Officiant in Mount Prospect, IL. To schedule your private wedding with all of the amenities already arranged, call 847-873-7463